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Friends of Metro Animal Services (FOMAS), 

Susanna M. Westerfield, Executive Director

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Susanna is the first Executive Director of the non-profit Friend of Metro Animals Services (FOMAS), founded in 2007. FOMAS is the official fundraising entity for Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS). Westerfield joined FOMAS in April 2018 and was charged with leading a fundraising campaign for the new animal shelter, which successfully raised more than approximately $1.3 million in funding, to supplement the city’s budget to build the new Harshaw Family Foundation Animal Shelter. Since joining FOMAS, Westerfield has focused on boosting the profile of the non-profit and connecting businesses, pet organizations, and community members with opportunities to help provide care for the pets of Jefferson County, Kentucky. FOMAS initially funded and continues to support, two highly successful adoption programs: Pay It Forward free adoption and the Long Stay Champion program. The new animal shelter will meet the future needs of Louisville’s homeless pet population for years to come and will be one that our community can be proud to support. Moving forward, Susanna is looking at the costs associated to care for each incoming pet and helping LMAS maintain its no-kill status. The cost for pet care range from vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping, to those pets severely neglected, injured, or abused that include x-rays, wound repair, and speciality surgeries.

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Ozzy Gibson and Susanna M. Westerfield at the ribbon-cutting
ceremony for the new LMAS facility.

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